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About Us

All about StudentNurse.NET and the team!

About Us

Our Founder

Student Nurse - Lynda LukeStudentNurse.NET was created in 2004 (then studentnurse.org.uk) by Lynda Luke. Lulu as she was better known was a student nurse at this time and she stood in awe of constantly evolving technology and how people were accessing data in new ways. People scouring library books for information increasingly turned to the internet to digest information in a completely new format and this led to Lulu giving birth to StudentNurse.NET. Lulu gave people a reliable website where students and aspiring nurses could access useful information as well as support each other, all being in similar situations throughout their journeys. For 11 years she selflessly helped aspiring nurses and student nurses edge their way closer to their dreams and she gained as much enjoyment and satisfaction from the website as the members. Despite Lulu battling cancer she was always there to support and give guidance to members. This website was a major part of her life and she was rightly very proud of it.

Lulu gained her angel wings in March 2015; This website is Lulu’s legacy. As our heavenly patron she continues her inspirational existence through the forum community, helping the nurses of tomorrow to reach their goals.

Our Mission

StudentNurse.NET is an educational nursing resource and support community.

If you are embarking on your nursing journey, if you are studying currently or even if you are qualified we have lots on offer and many ways for you to engage.

For people who are embarking on their nursing dream we can offer a wealth of information, advice and support on:

  • how to obtain the necessary qualifications to meet academic requirements
  • how to obtain voluntary work
  • applying through UCAS
  • applying for finance

For current students, we give guidance and support with:

  • balancing families, uni and placement
  • keep a portfolio while at uni
  • re-applying for student finance / bursary
  • maintaining good standards of practice and compliance with the NMC code

For qualified nurses we offer:

  • the ability for you to share your wealth of knowledge and help support the nurses of tomorrow
  • support for transitioning between StN and NQN
  • support and guidance with CPD

For everyone we offer:

  • opportunities to take part in quizzes and competitions
  • a support network and help managing emotions
  • educational resources
  • book reviews
  • a fantastic sense of belonging and a great way to establish new friendships
  • ... and much more!

StudentNurse.NET is first and foremost an education based nursing community that strives to improve education and to positively impact upon nursing issues and causes. We rigorously uphold the reputation of the profession and are more than happy to engage nursing organisations, nursing bodies and educational institutions.

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Jul 15, 2015
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