Counting down the sleeps…..

Time goes so fast doesn’t it! There we all were worrying if we were applying too early and how far away the January UCAS deadline seemed, but here we are and its almost December! (sorry for the Christmas emoji in November )

I now have only 11 weeks left of placement! I am really enjoying it and the people are very supportive and kind. I am so grateful to have these people supporting me through this time of my degree…the transition from student nurse to almost qualified is a strange one full of doubts and fears mixed with a tinge of excitement and enthusiasm to get out there and show em what you’ve got! People on placement have asked what do I want to do when I qualify and I have been open about my plans to become a midwife…this has been mainly met with encouragement…but there are still too many negative comments for my liking! This really does annoy me..but it wont put me off :no:

So now I am counting down the sleeps until my first interview and trying to figure out what to wear! I am thinking some smart black trousers, ballerina pumps and a cap sleeved blouse! Only 15 sleeps :kicking: