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Founded in 2007, Caring Nurses , formally known as StudentNurses.NET (SMNET) is the UK number one destination of choice for people interested in Nursing.

Areas covered include applications, interviews, open days, Caring Nurses news, Caring Nurses books, course content, revision sessions, competitions, access to higher education, A levels, assignments, dissertations, exams, clinical placements, electives, skills & assessments, international Caring Nurses, Caring Nurses blogs, educational resources and more.

Respected – Our forum community is made up of over 43,000 members (500 on average added every month), and we distribute our monthly newsletter to 40,000 of them.

Over 20 moderators ensure the forums remain a safe and friendly place at all times.

Free to use, independently run and has grown through word of mouth, and in recent years organically via Google, Bing and Yahoo.
SNNET is now the busiest midwifery website in the world. (Source: Alexa)



WHY Student Nurses?

  • Reach up to 90,000 unique visitors a month*
  • Show your message on up to 2 million web pages a month*
  • We have c. 43,000 members and 500 new members joining each month
  • Our visitors are content engaged, spending an average of 6.5 minutes on the site each day*
  • Many members visit multiple times a day
  • over 40,000 members subscribe to our monthly Newsletter
  • More than 89% of visitors are in the UK*

(* Source: Google Analytics)

Core age:
18 to 34 (76%)
90.4% female
99% shop online 89.2% are in the UK




Potential advertisers should be aware of our advertising standards. They ensure the integrity of Student Nurses and the nursing profession is fully upheld at all times.

It is our unreserved policy to refuse advertising which may be deemed to be in poor taste, immoral, offensive, misleading or which may, in our opinion, affect our community negatively.

Student Nurses will not accept advertising or sponsorship from organisations involved in the distribution of:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Breast milk substitutes (including follow on milks, weaning foods)
  • Bottles/teats (except when directly associated with products designed to aid breast feeding)




By using DFP Ad Management software from Doubleclick we are able to deliver targeted advertising by matching the content areas of the site most likely to be used by people in the market for your product. We can control the number of times they are exposed to your message minimising wastage and maximising reach.

With DFP we can accept almost any creative, but if you want to try something outside of our spec doc, let us know as we are always on the lookout for innovative ways to help you engage our audience.

Geo Targeting – By default we target the UK and Ireland but we can also offer international targeting.

Our website uses a responsive design which tailors itself to all devices – Adverts are sized appropriately depending on the device viewing the page.




The SNNET website sends out over 40,000 newsletter emails every month, as well as maintaining an online version of the newsletter with is pushed out via our social media channels.

Our newsletter can carry a limited amount of adverts or be sponsored – positions are limited but are an ideal medium for communicating advertising messages.



Alert System Takeover

We send over 15,000 alert notifications each day. The notifications let members know that someone has interacted with content they have involvement in – this may be liking a post / blog, replying to a discussion / blog, someone posting on their profile and other gamified alerts.

The alert system is similar in function to Facebook’s; we can leverage the system to convey advertising messages that really are impossible to miss.




This excellent program delivers a year round presence and unrivalled level of engagement. We require a minimum of 12 months commitment. All packages are fully bespoke to your specific objectives but can be as low as £400 per month.

Enrolling in our sponsor program delivers targeted advertising as well as run of site brand awareness. Offering terrific value with preferential rates and other opportunities such as competitions, company page, advertiser threads, newsletter exposure, alert system adverts and more depending on spend. You also have a company thread and a login giving you the possibility to post and reply to threads with further branding using your company logo as the avatar and signature for contact information.


If you are interested in promoting your products or services to SNNET’s community and would like to discuss your requirements further, please let us know as much information as you can about your objectives so we can propose a campaign that delivers your expectations.

To begin, please fill in our advertising enquiry form so we can start looking at your campaign brief and supply you with a proposal.