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Speaking at a recent summit the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced a new set of measured aimed to end the 'cover up culture' in the NHS.

Plans include legal safe spaces for staff who are raising concerns and credit given to NHS staff who are open about mistakes.

It aims to reduce the 150 avoidable deaths that occur across the NHS each week and to change the culture from one of blame to one of learning.

you can read more about it here Plans to end the cover-up culture in the NHS - News stories - GOV.UK

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think these measures will encourage more people to raise concerns? will it make a difference to patient safety or experience?

please share your thoughts below

Thank you for taking the time to come and find out what are new revision sessions are all about. This must mean only one thing ..... Your interested in joining us! The first Session will be Starting Monday 19th October 9am and will continue all week until Sunday 25th October at 9am.

The topic will be Dementia

I bet your sat there wondering ... What exactly is the monthly revision session? Well we are aiming to hold a week long revision session each month. There will be a different topic each month for you to revise. You will get one task a day eg. Anagrams, case scenario. With a question in tow for you to work out. Do not post any of your answers into the forum. The forum is just there for some general chit chat around the topic. If we see any answers being shared or too much information surrounding the questions then we will take appropriate action. At the end of the week you should have 7 answers to 7 questions ... There is logic somewhere! So at the end of the week you will need to put all your answers into one private message and send it to myself @@Super Nurse. We will mark your answers and you will know the scores within two weeks. Everyone who takes part gets a certificate of participation which can be used in some portfolios. Each month the highest score will win a voucher for shoes worth up to £100 from Magnum healthcare.

Lastly you will find the revision session posts will be posted in the thread Debate and Discussion found near the bottom of the forum. Once the week's threads have been posted each day's task, with answers will be moved to the resources section under Scenario based learning. Therefore you can view them at your leisure.

Enjoy these sessions and let us know any topics you would be interested in.
IT'S QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!!
It's time to start getting ready for the next for the next quiz.

As usual the topics are going to be as varied as nursing and so will the prizes.

The quiz will take place on Wednesday 07th October. The fun starts of at 7:00pm with pre-quiz chatter and the quiz will start at 7:30pm. Keep your eyes peeled for the magic banner, which will whisk you off to a secret area of the forum.

This month's topic is:
(this quiz may contain graphic images of wounds)​

This month prizes are:
1st prize is a set of Lots-to-remember data cards (either adult or child branch)
2nd prize is a nursing goodie bag

Hope to see you on the night!
Wow !!! We have had some amazing results this month. With a record number of people taking part and hopefully this number will be ever increasing.

So this month is a special month. We have had a very kind donation of three planners for our quiz prize from the happy planner company.

So with an amazing 29.5 points is @Alfie007 in first place

Close behind with 24 points is @RJ jacs in second place and with 23.5 points is @Strawberry46 in third place.

Everyone else did an amazing job and you all showed us how much you know about general nursing

Well done we look forward to seeing you next month !!!

For this month only we have a special mini quiz happening tomorrow 11th September raising awareness of National Organ Donation week. Follow the banner to our secret hide out as usual.

Could all three winners please contact myself via private message within 28 days to claim your prize
Do you want to be a bigger part of the best nursing forum? Currently we are looking for volunteers from potential students, current students and qualified nurses to help make SNNET, bigger and better. As a general guide, you be required to ensure that threads are in the correct forum, edit/delete posts that go against the forum rules (a sending a quick pm to the poster why the action has been taking) and providing advice and support to members.

There are also opportunities to become involved with many areas such as the quizzes, social media, current affairs/news and forthcoming developments.

If you're interested in finding out more or wanting to join us, contact me @Nanny Plum via PM and we can talk further